My Favorite Westie Products

Glasses Holder

Westie Glasses HolderMy Favorite Westie Testing Out Reading Glasses!Have you ever put your glasses on your Westie, just for funsies? Just us? Well, there is an actual Westie figurine made to hold your glasses, preventing dirt and scratches.


Westie ScarfI love my Westie scarf! Showing pride and feeling cute. (I’ll add a photo of me in mine soon!)


KiniArt Westie PrintKiniArt Facebook Cover Art - Use for Free!KiniArt is ADORABLE. Purchase a print, book, or card – OR have her make custom art based on your own Westie!

KiniArt also creates cute Facebook cover image art that you can use on your profile, which is super generous for an artist. Be sure to check out her page!

Westie Sign

Love is Being Owned by a Westie!

We received this Westie sign as a gift from Mimi, and it couldn’t be truer!

In the eight years of having Guinness and Jameson in the family, we have learned to love and be loved.


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